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Custom Dandelions

Whether your own wedding gown or a loved one's, our Custom Dandelions allow you to transform your once worn dress into a special memory that will last forever.  The sky is the limit on what we can create, so go ahead and dream!  See our galleries for popular Dandelion transformations & inspirations. 




The Ella Dandelion

Baptism gown, party dress, and headband created from a mother's wedding gown. 

The Eliana Dandelion

Baptism romper, Overskirt, headband and shoes created from a mother's wedding gown. 

The Katherine Dandelion

Baptism dress, Overskirt, bonnet, and shoes created from a grandmother's wedding gown. 

The Steven Dandelion

Baptism shirt, vest and shorts made from a mother's wedding gown.

The Willow Dandelion

Baptism skirt made from a mother's christening gown and wedding veil.

Bridal Clutch& Sash

created from a vintage wedding gown

Heirloom Bridal

The Jackie Dandelion

Tulle embellished capelet and satin purse created from a mother's gown and veil. 

The Rose Dandelion

Tafetta and lace clutch and lace bridal belt created from a mother's wedding gown.  

The Kiera Dandelion

Ring bearer pillow created from a mother's gown. 

The Annette Dandelion

Bridal clutch created from a mother's gown. 

For more information about our Dandelion Transformation process, please contact us below! 

Thank you so much for your inquir

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